[Air-L] Twitter Export App for Mac?

Theodore Plothe Z1593072 at students.niu.edu
Fri Apr 9 22:58:07 PDT 2010

Fellow Twitter researchers,
   My frustration with data collection has reached the point at which I am sending a plea for help. I have been unable to locate a Twitter feed export app for Mac OS. There are loads of great programs like BMS Twitter Export for PCs, but if you're on a Mac, it seems nothing's out there. 
   Seesmic allows me to read and search from multiple feeds and organize them in certain ways, but I cannot export them as an Excel or Word file. Since I need the time stamp from four months ago, (yeah, I'm behind in my data collection) it's clunky and unusable.
   I'm collecting data from 250+ distinct feeds and I'm doing it as low tech as possible: visiting each feed, scrolling through hundreds of tweets to get the data I need, and then copying and pasting in a Word file. The data is placed into a table for me to devour, code, and tabulate at my leisure.
   If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Theo Plothe
Graduate Student
Northern Illinois University
Until next time,

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