[Air-L] Invitation to participate in the second PEP-NET online discourse

Noella Edelmann noella.edelmann at donau-uni.ac.at
Mon Apr 12 23:00:41 PDT 2010

*eParticipation in Central and Eastern Europe*: Invitation to
participate in the second PEP-NET online discourse

Dear All,

if you are interested, an expert or a practitioner in the field of
civic engagement, the
Pan European eParticipation Network would like to invite you to
participate in an online discourse about electronic Participation in
Central and Eastern Europe.

The discourse starts today and you can go to
www.internet-discourse.eu <http://www.internet-discourse.eu/>
 to take part (or go directly to
 to register). eParticipation and civic engagement practitioners from
Central, Eastern and Western Europe will discuss a wide range of
issues: from opportunities and challenges, to the structural,
political and cultural problems that may stand in the way of
successful eParticipation in the region.

The focus of the discourse will be the development of strategies to
enhance eParticipation in Central and Eastern Europe and overcome the
obstacles identified. The final outcome of the discourse will be a
paper, describing the situation of eParticipation in the region and
making recommendations for improvement, which will be presented to the
European Commission and other influencers of eParticipation.

The discourse is broken down into three phases: *broadening*,
*deepening* and *consolidating*. In the broadening phase,
ideas and possible topics for discussion are fielded. Some of these
are then selected for a more in-depth discussion in the
*deepening* phase. This means that you can decide what is
discussed before you discuss it. The final phase, *consolidating*,
aims to summarize the results of the discussionand to highlight both
areas where consensus has been achieved as well as those where
different view points remained, resulting in a situation paper. The
whole discussion is moderated by a dedicated team, so you can engage
in a constructive and structured discussion.

This is the second of three PEP-NET discourses. The first discourse
was successfully held in early 2009 as a support action for the
European eParticipation Study.

We look forward to reading your contributions on
internet-discourse.eu <http://www.internet-discourse.eu/>

We kindly request you to forward this message to any person who might
be interested in getting involved in this online discourse.

*Want to become a PEP-NET member?* 

Find out how at http://pep-net.eu/becoming-a-member 

All the best 


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