[Air-L] Library of Congress Acquires Entire (Public) Twitter Archive

Liz nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 19:41:49 PDT 2010

Williams said that although 57% of users just use Twitter.com, they account for 25% of the Tweets. Users who use third party clients were said to be "more engaged" and send a higher number of Tweets than the typical user of the website.

It would be so much simpler if Twitter regularly issued statistics regarding usage (like Facebook updates their publicly available stats) & I don't know why they play it so close to the vest.

Liz Pulen
nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com

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Subject: Re: [Air-L] Library of Congress Acquires Entire (Public) Twitter Archive

Thanks, Liz.

So, for the 43% of users who don't use the website, 3rd party apps like TweetDeck make it quite easy to RT protected tweets.  See, for example, http://support.tweetdeck.com/forums/63876/entries/83047, where it notes that the "Edit then Retweet" method places no restrictions on the ability to retweet.

Further, % of users isn't the right way to think about this (a small % of users might account for a large proportion of retweets). The key is where do the majority of actual retweets take place: on Twitter.com or a 3rd party app. I suspect the latter.


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