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Company	Siemens Corporate Research
Division	SCR - Siemens Corporate Research
Functional Area	RD - Research/Development
Location	NJ - Princeton
Req ID	87752
Job Type	Internship
Job Time	Full-Time
Experience Level	Entry Level
Required Education	Masters Degree or equivalent experience
Required Travel	0%
Company Description

Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. (SCR), based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, is one of several Siemens Corporate Technology research and development centers worldwide. Since it was founded in 1977, it has helped pioneer a broad range of advancements in major industries, delivering innovations to the Siemens global family of operating companies as well as government agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations. We have over 225 scientists and engineers focused on researching and developing emerging technologies in areas such as imaging and visualization, software engineering, decision science and automation & control. Application of these technologies range from healthcare and communications to automation and security. 

Siemens is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. 
Job Description

The KM GTF of Siemens Corporate Research (SCR), a division of Siemens Corporation has an immediate opening for a 3-6 month intern who will be working on Virtual World (VW) tools for object-location-based Knowledge Management (KM) using Second Life primitives, avatars, scripted behaviors, external interfaces, and user information inputs and edits.  A 3D mashup will be developed, powered by tools that simplify knowledge inputs within the digital scene.  

Tools will include information authoring, evaluation, and editing, with the intent of supplying localized knowledge pertinent to the object being touched or viewed by an avatar.  The desired information presented is appropriate for the user’s task, role, and history, and authorized users can add and edit information.  The mashup will be designed to promote sensemaking and rapid context-understanding.  Translating multi-department ontology-semantic styles into a more natural visual shared presentation will be a central concern.  Data, information, and knowledge items will be indexed and stored in external data systems.  
User feedback and ranked information presentation will match current tasks and inquiries, using diverse media for further learning.  A major goal is to simplify task-time flow-of-consciousness interchanges of information.  Tracking of the tool use will be implemented, to be used in evaluations and improvements. 

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•	Coding of Virtual World (VW) scripts
•	Modeling of task-focused information retrieval and object behaviors
•	Modeling of information retrieval and interactive displays
•	Development of tools such as HUDs (Heads-Up-Displays)
•	Database design and development for object-bound knowledge item references 
•	External linkage to COTS (Common Off-The-Shelf) systems integration 
•	External linkage stubs to Siemens software and equipment systems 
•	Co-preparation of results to a conference or journal
•	Consideration of factors for productization and acceptance of tools

Knowledge and Skills required:
•	Virtual World object behavior coding, preferably in Linden Scripting Language
•	Texture creation familiarity such as using Adobe Photoshop
•	Familiarity with a physics simulation engine such as Havok
•	User experience modeling
•	Database design and coding, preferably in an RDBMS such as Oracle
•	Strong web development skills and familiarity with HTML and XML
•	Innovative outlook and inquisitive nature – to explore multiple alternatives
•	Sensitivity to new technology introduction factors – barriers, costs, risks, balanced gains 
•	Excellent written and verbal communication skills, English proficiency
•	Excellent teamwork collaboration and positive outlook
•	Must be organized and able to multi-task 
•	Prior office/internship experience is a plus, but not required

Knowledge and Skills also desired:
•	Avatar body creation using a tool such as Poser or BHV
•	Prim creation using a tool such as Autodesk Maya
•	Prim and sculpted creation using a tool such an Blender
•	Particle coding for Second Life with scripts 
•	Second Life control of lighting, shadows, wind, and rain
•	Video and sound management in Second Life
•	Interface access between applications and databases – external APIs
•	Workflow and cognitive interactions -  sensemaking and knowledge transfer

•	M.S. in Computer Science, work toward Ph.D. preferred
- Preferred experience in as many of the following as possible: 
•	Social Science coursework – Psychology, Sociology, and/or Anthropology
•	Exposure to workplace economic and performance issues such as courses in Business, Operations Research or Industrial Engineering, and/or Product Design, Manufacturing, Competition, and Support  
•	Coursework in Knowledge Management or related areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Ontologies and Natural Language, and/or Usability Design 
•	Coursework in developing MMU (Massively Multi-User) digital games or 3D Worlds

Duration of the internship: 3-6 months

http://www.usa.siemens.com/en/jobs_careers/us_jobs.htm  87752

jeremy hunsinger
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