[Air-L] Research around digital divide in Computer mediated communication by speech-impaired

Pavan Garre garrepavan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 06:44:21 PDT 2010

Dear AIR members,
                            I am User Experience design masters student from
India. For a research module on "Digital design, and, society", I am doing
research around speech-impaired in the context of digital divide, mostly
around urban Bangalore. For the next ten to fifteen days, I plan to do
extensive research from desk research to contextual interviews. As my
mentor, is from indifferent domain, is guiding very passively and remotely,
I am opening up to ask for some active remote guidance.
Apart from remote guidance for few days, I am ready to accept every form of
suggestions, opinions, comments and research material around speech-impaired
and digital divide in computer mediated communication. So far, I have
written two mediocre unguided research papers and probably, this would be
guided first-authored research paper. Being user experience designer, I have
ACM student membership and, my college has JSTOR membership.


Pavan Garre
User Experience Designer
National Institute of Design,
R & D Campus,
Bangalore, KR, India.

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