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London Academy Of Iranian Studies
Islamic Perspective Journal
Number 4, 2010


The Fourth volume of the Journal of Islamic Perspective has been published by the London Academy of Iranian Studies' Centre for Sociological Studies. The journal is comprised of 14 articles, 2 Books Reviews and one Interview in 322 pages. 

The Journal of Islamic Perspective is a peer reviewed publication of the Center for Humanities and Sociological Studies, affiliated to the London Academy of Iranian Studies (LAIS) and aims to create a dialogue between intellectuals, thinkers and writers from the Islamic World and academics, intellectuals, thinkers and writers from other parts of the Globe. Issues in the context of Culture, Islamic Thoughts & Civilizations, and other relevant areas of social sciences, humanities and cultural studies are of interest and we hope to create a global platform to deepen and develop these issues in the frame of a Critical Perspective. Our motto is homo sum; humani nihil a me alienum puto. Contributions to Islamic Perspective do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board or the Center for Humanities and Sociological Studies. To order a hard copy of the journal email sadreddin at iranianstudies.org.

To download the electronic version of the Journal click here

Interview on Globalization
Judith Blau 15
Deconstructing Global Education 
Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi 23
AreWe Now “Post-Secular”? A critique of some of the recent claims 
Bill Cooke 39
Faith and Science: Juan Luís Segundo On Religion and Science 
Richard Curtis 54
The Swastika and The Crescent – “Islamofascism”: Reality or Political Syllogism
Dustin Byrd 73
The Paradoxes of the Secular State 
Roland Boer 92
Religion as Worldview: Its Primordial, Perennial, and Practical Significance 
John Herlihy 109
Johannine Christianity and Secularisation 
Matthew Del Nevo 142
The Vatopedi Monasteri Scandal:What does the media coverage of the scandal show about the contemporary social and political role of Greek Orthodox Church? 
Despina Chronaki 161
Soroush, Sufi Hermeneutics and Legitimizing a Hybrid Muslim Identity 
Banafsheh Madaninejad 183
The Semantic Potential of Religion in Habermas’ Struggle for Modernity: Something’s Missing 
Michael R. Ott 198
Next challenge: Community Development and Superintelligence 
Ali Akbar Ziaee 243
Religion and Social Theory in the Frommesque Discourse 
Seyed Javad Miri 254
Towards an Index of global tolerance: A quantitative analysis, based on the “World Values Survey” data 
Arno Tausch 263
The Qur’an as a Criterion for Hadith-Text Examination 
Israr Ahmad Khan 280

Book Reviews
Yoginder Sikand, ed., Madrasa Reforms—Indian Muslim Voices, Mumbai: Vikas Adhyayan Kendra
Nasir Khan 314
M.L.Bhatia, The Ulama, Islamic Ethics and Courts Under the Mughals—Aurangzeb Revisited 
Yoginder Sikand 318

Seyed S Safavi
London Academy of Iranian Studies



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