[Air-L] Research on the uptake and uses of online video in scholarly communication

Daniel Villar Onrubia daniel.villaronrubia at oii.ox.ac.uk
Wed Dec 8 05:29:50 PST 2010


I am a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of
Oxford. I am researching social scientists and humanities scholars who
publish online video as part of their scholarly communication practices. It
may consist of moving images of any kind, either pre-existing visual
material, images produced ad-hoc during any stage of the research process,
or a combination of both.

Right now I am working on the design of my study and trying to identify
potential case studies. If you are engaged in these kinds of activities or
if you could provide me with any information on initiatives and experiences
you think could be relevant to my research, I would very much appreciate
hearing from you.

I am particularly interested in the socio-technical contexts in which such
content is made available for viewing or downloading. Both specific research
projects (the work of particular researchers or teams) and institutional
initiatives (e.g. repositories, training opportunities) are of interest to

You may either respond to this mailing list or just contact me directly
writing to daniel.villaronrubia at oii.ox.ac.uk

I’d be very happy to share my findings and the results of this scoping
exercise with the list if it is of interest.

Many thanks in advance and apologies for crossposting.

Best wishes,



Daniel Villar Onrubia

Doctoral Student at
Oxford Internet Institute. University of Oxford
daniel.villaronrubia at oii.ox.ac.uk | http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/

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