[Air-L] the case for critical commons

Jankowski nickjan at xs4all.nl
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I will be 'playing' and addressing one of the versions of the video 
meme during a graduate-level seminar later this semester in 
Ljubljana, Slovenia, and will share the reactions with you and Alex 
afterwards if of sufficient substance. I am also very appreciative 
Alex took the trouble to compile (many of) the contributions to the 
thread - thank you!

Nicholas W. Jankowski
Visiting Fellow
Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Amsterdam, NL

nickjan at xs4all.nl
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At 13:00 3-2-2010, Giorgos Cheliotis wrote:
>Thanks Alex, this looks interesting though I only just glanced at your essay
>right now. I used the mailing list discussion as an opportunity to talk to
>my students about memes in the context of remediation. Given that they're
>mostly Asian, they seemed to enjoy some of the Downfall videos I showed them
>with little or no concern about the context. They are not ignorant of the
>context, but will take to the parody much more easily than (some) Europeans.
>I'm curious how a similar student audience in Europe or the US might react
>and at what point memes would become unfunny.
>Giorgos Cheliotis
>Assistant Professor
>Communications and New Media
>Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
>National University of Singapore
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> > Wrote up an essay about this thread and the Hitler Meme phenomenon.
> > Goes
> > through the history of and reactions to the video, as well as the
> > implications of memetics outside of online subculture:
> >
> > *Memes as Mechanisms: How Digital Subculture Informs the Real World
> > *
> > http://www.convergenceculture.org/weblog/2010/02/memes_as_mechanisms_ho
> > w_digita.php
> > http://bit.ly/9aCdry
> >
> > Would love feedback if anyone has some.
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