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Jennifer Stromer-Galley jstromer at albany.edu
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 Hi Anna,

There are a number of great studies on this topic, and yes it's worth studying! 

Here are some additional suggestions to add to the others offered so far: 

*Kirsten Foot & Steve Schneider's book Web Campaigning. 

*The edited collection titled The Internet Election: Perspectives on the Web in campaign 2004 by Andrew Williams and John Tedesco

*Robert Denton edits a series of books (The XXXX presidential election: A communication perspective) that have looked at campaign 2000, campaign 2004, and campaign 2008. Each edited book has at least 1 chapter on the presidential campaign websites.

I think some of the work by Barbara Warnick might be of interest to you. See:

*Endres, D., & Warnick, B. (2004). "Text-based Interactivity in Candidate Campaign Web Sites: A Case Study from the 2002 Elections." Western Journal of Communication, 68 (3), 322-342

*Warnick, B. (1998). "Appearance or reality?: Political Parody on the Web in Campaign '96." Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 15,  306-324

I have also written a little bit on the topic. See:

*Stromer-Galley, J. (2000). On-line interaction and why candidates avoid it. Journal of Communication, 5(4), 111-132.

Good luck,

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> Dear all,
> I am doing my research in the field of political studies. My 
> first project was the analysis of language in a BBC forum 
> using concordance and statistical programs. Having done that, 
> I am now starting a new project which is going to be bigger 
> and which is to result in a PhD thesis. As I still want to be 
> in this field, I am thinking about analyzing political web 
> sites, i.e. it can be official sites of presidents, political 
> parties, etc. It would be interesting to see how these sites 
> are constructed, what language is used there, and how the 
> "ideology" of a party/politician is transmitted through these 
> sites. I am not sure if I have been clear about my idea, but 
> I would love to get your feedback and/or experience in doing 
> similar research. Also, if you think that this idea isn´t 
> worth working, tell me that! I am more than open for any kind 
> of public opinion at this period of my research life!
> Thank you very much,
> Anna Ivanova
> PhD Candidate, University of Seville, Spain ivanova.re at gmail.com
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