[Air-L] Zotero and another vote for EndNote

Charlie Balch charlie at balch.org
Thu Feb 25 18:01:30 PST 2010

I own and use EndNote. I tried to use the free Zotero but had too many
issues with it.

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To organise readings for the purposes of citations, I use endnote, which
does have an online version, I've heard the online version is great but I
dont need to be portable.
Seeing as I dont need to be portable but do need to keep track of a lot of
literature, I also use nVivo.
I dump the whole article in, and tag bits to themes I am thinking about.  Or
if its a book, I type in the interesting bits.  Yes, type. :-)

When it comes to writing up summaries or getting a grasp of a field, or
remembering where I read that thing... thats when this system comes into its
I can go, what have I read about internet ethnography again?... and click on
that tag, and pull up all the relevant quotes I have marked.
I also write memos based on readings and leave them in nvivo.

I find that Endnote is good for what its designed to do:  put citations into
your work, in the style you specify.
When it comes to keeping track of ideas, well nVivo is better designed to do


Natalya Godbold
PhD Candidate (Human Information Behaviour / Health Communication)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 6:02 AM, Daniel Chamberlain
<chamberlain at oxy.edu>wrote:

> You might consider Zotero, a free service developed by the Center for New
> Media and History at George Mason that works as Firefox extension.  Great
> for marking and archiving resources you find online, plugins for
> and Word, nice sync/backup feature, and has options for
> sharing/collaboration.  If you sync your local library with the Zotero
> server, you will be able to view your collection from your iphone (or
> mobile device).
> http://www.zotero.org/
> Daniel
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> >> software
> >> >> (for Mac)
> >> >>
> >> >>
> >> >> I use Bookends from Sonny Software on OSX.   Sente is also a good
> >>  to check out.   Both are, if memory serves, under $100 USD.    And
>  there's
> >> always EndNote if you're feeling adventurous.....
> >> >>
> >> >> Not sure about the mobile aspects on any of them, though.
> >> >>
> >> >> -rf
> >> >>
> >> >> On Feb 24, 2010, at 18:46 , live wrote:
> >> >>
> >> >>
> >> >>> Hi all.
> >> >>> I'm looking to organise all the articles I've looked up, downloaded
>  -
> >> and tag them appropriately.
> >> >>> Does anyone have a favourite bit of references organisation
> software?
> >> >>> I'm on a Mac. Would love if it also had an iPhone/mobile component.
> >> >>>

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