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Congrats to Janet Meryl Krieger!  Along the lines of dissertations in
Proquest (UMI), my first post to this listserv is the announcement that a
preview of my dissertation, "*An exploratory study on the factors associated
with ethical intention of digital piracy*" is now available. Thanks to Janet
Meryl Krieger for the idea of posting the abstract to this listserv.

*An exploratory study on the factors associated with ethical intention of
digital piracy*

Each year billions of dollars are lost due to illegal downloading and
copying of intellectual property. Individuals often perceive little or no
consequences as a result of digital piracy. Research has shown that
perceived consequences could be used to alter an individual's ethical
intention to engage in digital piracy (INT). In addition subjective norm
(SUN) may also contribute to INT. Therefore, the goal of this study was to
determine the factors of perceived consequences and to assess their
contribution, as well as the contribution of SUN, to INT.

This predictive study developed a quantitative instrument to measure the
contribution of the factors of perceived consequences and SUN on INT. In
phase one of this study, an anonymous exploratory questionnaire was used to
gather a list of perceived consequences. That list was combined with a list
of perceived consequences found through an extensive review of the
literature and a survey instrument was developed and used in phase two.
After data cleaning, a total of 407 responses remained. Exploratory factor
analysis incorporating principal component analysis (PCA) identified eight
factors of INT: Personal Emotional Consequences (PEC), Freedom Consequences
(FRC), Minor Consequences (MIC), Personal Freedom Consequences (PFC),
Personal Moral Consequences (PMC), Network Access Consequences (NAC), Self
Worth Consequences (SWC), and Industry Financial Consequences (IFC). A model
was developed using Ordinal Logistic Regression to determine the
contribution of the eight factors of perceived consequences and SUN on INT.

PEC, PMC, and IFC as well as SUN were found to be significant contributors
to INT. The Mann-Whitney U test determined that INT was the only factor that
showed a significant difference for males. Additionally, gender was a
significant contributor to FRC, MIC, PFC, PMC, SWC, and IFC. Each of these
factors was more significant for females than males. The Kruskal-Wallis test
determined that there were no significant differences in the factors of
perceived consequences, SUN, and INT based on age or computer usage.
Important contributions of this study include the identification of eight
perceived consequence factors not previously known as well as the
development of a unified predictive model, addressing all forms of digital
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