[Air-L] distributed imagery and copyright (was: a question of open source ethics)

Mridula mridula at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 21:04:15 PST 2010

The issue with the independent ended up by the paper apologizing for the use
of the 'all rights reserved' photo.

Here is more on it the British Journal of Photography-


To me (as a less than amateur photographer) the issue is very clear. When I
post something under 'all rights reserved' that is how it should remain. If
someone asked me permission for the use of a photograph and they are not for
profit, I ask for a credit and let them use it. If it is a commercial site I
ask for token money and usually in India you never hear from them again.

In this part some of us use 'all rights reserved' to initiate a
conversation. I once found, and not so long back, a photo of mine in an
Indian national newspaper's Sunday supplement after cropping out (c) Mridula
D from the image. Hence, the hesitation to use creative commons, that it
would be taken as an excuse by everyone to use pictures.



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