[Air-L] possible workshops for ir11

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Tue Jan 19 06:37:34 PST 2010

I'm thinking about putting together a pre-conference workshop at ir11.  I'm torn between a few topics and I'd like to gauge interest before i go further.   

I'm thinking of one workshop as:  'Forms of the Critical in internet Research'  in which we'd discuss what we mean by the critical.  In my work, critical is an essentially contested concept, which means it is defined not singularly, but multiply and every paper should confront this multiple nature and try to bring meaning to the word critical within the theme of the conference.  So the workshop would require papers a few months before, which we'd review and discuss and try to develop.  

Another would be much the same, but would center on the topic of Politics and the political.   Ideally, i'd like to confront some of the politics of research in terms of internet research.    

otherwise, anyone interested in say... values in design for a workshop, infrastructure studies, or learning infrastructures?  

both of these would be open call workshop, probably with minimal external funding that would hope to develop some of the work toward a publishable form.  We would need 10-20 participants for either, though we could get higher numbers.  Everything would be reviewed before inclusion, etc.  

Finally, i could not do a workshop, which is an option i've not pursued for several years.  

thoughts?  please respond offlist.

Jeremy Hunsinger
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Virginia Tech
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Center for Information Policy Research

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