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   Sorry, I didn't realize the CFP itself was not attached to my previous
   Here is the direct link to the PDF:
   Only the deadline has changed. It's February 1st for all kinds of
   submissions (individual papers, panels with up to 4 papers,
   roundtables, etc.; see the CFP for details). Note that there is a
   special session for master's students.
   For details on the conference and requirements for papers, go here:
   Then, to submit a proposal, go here:
   Hope it helps.

     From: Dale Bradley <dbradley at BROCKU.CA>
     Sent: Wed, January 13, 2010 5:16:01 PM
     Subject: cfp: CCA 2010 cfp [date extended] & confirmed speakers &
     Please distribute widely...
     Hi everyone,
     A few important notes and announcements concerning the annual
     1:  The submission deadline for the CCA 2010 annual conference has
     been extended from Jan. 15 to Feb. 1.
     -the original CFP has been appended as a PDF file.  Feel free to
     distribute the cfp to any and all relevant lists (but please
     mention the change in the deadline if you do so).
     -"thanks" to all who have submitted thus far.
     -for those who have encountered the odd technical glitch, please be
     patient as we work through our 'tech-help' list.
     2:  Confirmed speakers
     I am delighted to report that we have lined up the following
     speakers for the conference (topics and date/time info will be made
     available as the conf. schedule takes shape):
     Lisa Gitelman, NYU, Dept. of Media, Culture, and Communication &
     Dept. of English
     Toby Miller, U of California Riverside, Depts of English,
     Sociology, & Women's Studies; Director of Film and Visual Culture
     In addition to the speakers, we will have a special roundtable
     [Media Revolution Connectivity] hosted by Le Devoir marking
     their 100th anniversary.  Participants will be announced once the
     panel is finalized.
     3:  Workshops
     The CCA is working on, and invites participation in, 2 events
     outside of our official conference dates [June 1-3].  Both of these
     workshops will likely be held at McGill University.  Please note
     that these events are in the early planning stages and that the
     dates and details are subject to change.  More detailed information
     concerning these events is forthcoming and will be posted to the
     CCA listserv and on the conference website as soon as is possible
     -A day-long paid limited enrolment workshop (May 31, limited
     enrolment) with Catherine Orenstein, founder and director of the
     OpEd Project [[4] http://www.theopedproject.org/]. Interested
     participants may contact Dr. Philip Savage
     [savagep at mcmaster.ca].
     -A 2 day international open workshop (May 26-27 - tentative) by the
     Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet).  The Giganet
     workshop is held annually in different countries and the CCA is
     pleased to help host the workshop in Montréal this year.  More
     details are included in the appended document ["giganet-workshops"
     - MS Word format].
     Finally, Concordia's Comm Dept. is working hard on making the
     reception for the CCA's 30th anniversary memorable and, from the
     looks of things, this year's conference should rather exciting.
     Thanks to all involved for their work thus far (and the work yet to
     be done...).
     Dale A. Bradley
     Assistant Professor ::  Dept. of Communications, Popular Culture, &
     Film  ::  Brock University
     905.688.5550 x.3180
     President  ::  Canadian Communication Association
     Book Review Editor  ::  Canadian Journal of Communication


   1. http://www.acc-cca.ca/files/CFP%20CCA%202010%20:%20Appel%20ACC%202010.pdf
   2. http://acc-cca.ca/en/annual_conference
   3. http://ocs.sfu.ca/fedcan/index.php/cca2010/
   4. http://www.theopedproject.org/
   5. http://www.acc-cca.ca/
   6. http://www.cjc-online.ca/

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