[Air-L] Bibliography on the scalability of socio-technical systems

giuseppe.lugano at jyu.fi giuseppe.lugano at jyu.fi
Wed Jan 20 23:52:31 PST 2010

Dear colleagues,

I am working on a paper on scalability issues in socio-technical
systems. There is a large body of research on scalability in technical
systems from computer scientists and software engineers, but
unfortunately there seems to be much less material on scalability is
socio-technical systems. I have found some useful material in the book
"Socionics - Scalability of complex social systems" published by
Springer LCNS and a discussion on the poor scalability of mobile
communication systems in relation to social coordination by R.Ling in
"The mobile connection" (Elsevier, 2004 p.77-78). Can anybody
recommend additional resources on the topic?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Giuseppe Lugano
Ph.d. Candidate, Human Dimensions Research Group
University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

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