[Air-L] the case for critical commons

Robin Cheesman robin at ruc.dk
Fri Jan 22 09:37:42 PST 2010

Charles, I completely disagree with you. I find it refreshingly funny, as does the director of Untergang, Oliver Hirschbiegel: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/01/the_director_of_downfall_on_al.html#ixzz0cnPDiBFe

Archetypes (e.g. of evil) are sometimes very useful for a brief comment. Although they are not always distinguishedly correct, because that would have been boring.

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Robin Cheesman
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El 22-01-2010 11:31, Charles Ess escribió:
> Very sorry to have to say this ...
> How profoundly disappointing, if not on the edge of insulting.
> If (a) you know German reasonably well, and especially if (b) you've seen
> the terrific film, Der Untergang, that is ripped off here - it doesn't
> strike me as funny at all.
> The kindest thing that I can say about it from my standpoint is that it is a
> weak attempt at humor that depends first of all upon complete ignorance of
> German, and secondly a strikingly uncritical willingness to accept the now
> very tired trope of Hitler as the archetype of reactionary evil. (Part of
> the irony here: I don't think he was all that reactionary, especially with
> regard to new technologies.)
> As sympathetic as I am to the argument attempted to be made here - this
> seems to me to thereby works directly contrary to its intentions.
> Sorry - no one bats a thousand, not even the redoubtable Jeremy!
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>> in case you've not seen this
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