[Air-L] INC2010: Extended deadline for Paper submissions (until 15th Feb 2010)

Steffen Schilke steffen.schilke at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 09:25:27 PST 2010

*Call for papers deadline EXTENDED (including workshop papers) - 15th
February 2010.

*Eighth International Network Conference 2010 (INC2010) in Heidelberg,
Germany, 6-8 July 2010

The Eighth International Network Conference (INC2010) will take place in
Heidelberg, Germany in 2010. This event will bring together leading
researchers, academics and interested parties from industry. The conference
will run from the 6-8 July 2010.

Information can be found at the conference web site http://www.inc2010.org.
Paper submissions will be accepted until 15th February 2010.

In addition to the German “Gesellschaft f. Informatik” (GI, FG Biosig), the
German Chapter of the ACM and ISSA (Information Systems Security
Association) are co-supporting the conference.  Prof. Dr. Dueck (IBM) will
be one of the top-class keynote speakers.

As with previous events, the conference will cover topics including:

•    Internet technologies and applications
•    Network architectures and management
•    Security
•    Applications and impacts
•    Mobile and wireless networking

This year’s event will also feature three special interest workshops:

•    Security vs. Usability?
•    The Pedagogy of eLearning: Emerging Issues
•    Next Generation Networks (NGN) - Next Revenues?

Additional information can be found at the conference web site



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