[Air-L] Reviewers Needed for JITP 2010: The Politics of Open Source

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 09:29:38 PST 2010

We have a nice batch of papers for JITP 2010: The Politics of Open Source:

Now, we *semi-desperately* need an expanded pool of reviewers who can turn
around a few conference manuscripts over the next few weeks. To let me know
you can take some on and to indicate preferences for certain manuscripts,
please visit:


In general, the work of reviewing papers for JITP is distributed unevenly.
We have our indispensible stalwharts, our periodic reviewers, and then all
the rest. If you are already a JITP reviewer, I need you to login to the
MARS database, update your keywords, and ensure we have the best email


If you are not currently a member of the MARS database, please join the
reviewer list, which numbers more than 600 currently:


The valid email address and extensive and accurate keywords are essential. I
thank-you in advance for continuing to contribute to the viability of JITP.

All members of the ITP section of teh APSA should be getting electronic
access to JITP. Non-members can download the top 5 downloaded articles for
2009 at:


Please remeber to cite JITP articles in your next paper. It is the key to
establishing the journal to a wider audience. JITP is currently accessible
in more than 1,300 libraries through electronic databases. This is good
news. If you cannot access JITP at your university, please visit:



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