[Air-L] Digital Culture & Education Call for Papers for Special Themed Issue: Beyond ‘new’ literacies

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 Digital Culture & Education

Call for Papers for Special Themed Issue: Beyond ‘new’ literacies
Guest Editor: Dana J. Wilber

Much of the work in literacy and digital technologies falls into the area of
‘new literacies’ (Lankshear and Knobel, 2006), a theoretical frame that
defines literacies as new through tools and practices that previously did
not exist. This special issue of Digital Culture & Education (DCE) seeks to
reinvigorate and challenge approaches to the ‘new’ by drawing on existing
and innovative models and approaches from outside of ‘new literacies’ to
enrich this framework by focusing on the diverse roles digital literacy
practices play in on and offline spaces (social networking, games, virtual
worlds, etc.) as part of day-to-day public and private life. Specifically,
the special issue seeks to expand the new literacies’ theoretical paradigm
by asking:

   - How might we expand the idea of new literacies through fine-grained
   examinations of specific literacy practices with particular tools or
   technologies, like social networking, digital games, and multimodal design
   through different frames?
   - How can new perspectives, practices and/or theories (i.e. discourse
   analysis, feminism, Queer, gaming, literary theory, or post-structuralist)
   provide additional insights around the congruencies and/or tensions between
   literacies and digital technologies across institutional and
   non-institutional contexts?

The concern of Beyond new literacies is to highlight research that develops
a theoretical dialogue between literacies and technologies, as more than
‘new’, through either applied research or theoretical intervention by:

   - Making use of a wide variety of theoretical lenses to analyze and
   understand how literacies and literacy practices operate within virtual
   worlds or through specific digital tools.
   - Analyzing the digital literacy and technology practices of users
   through a variety of methodological avenues (including discourse analysis,
   case study, oral history, experimental, mixed design, rhizoanalysis, etc.)
   - Examining situated practices in everyday use, integrating issues of on
   and offline definitions and spatial distinctions

We encourage submissions from scholars, researchers, and practitioners from
around the globe, working in areas such as literacy and education, gaming,
new media, sociocultural studies of technologies, literary theory and
technology, fan studies, adolescents and digital media, and media and
identity. Submissions from research groups working in projects like video
games research, digital storytelling, and mobile learning are encouraged.

Interested authors should send their manuscripts to *Dana J. Wilber* at
wilberd at mail.montclair.edu or the editor of Digital Culture & Education at
editor at digitalcultureandeducation.com by *March 1, 2010.*

*Beyond ‘new’ literacies will be published in May 2010.*
Please circulate widely.

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