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Open Video Conference: call for proposals
** Submission deadline: June 7th, 2010 **
** http://openvideoconference.org/proposals **

We are now accepting proposals for panels, presentations, workshop  
sessions, demo sessions, and other programming for the next Open Video  
Conference in New York City. Join us and over 1000 participants during  
our groundbreaking two-day conference and take part in the discussions  
that are driving the future of the online video medium.

Travel funding is available. Visit http://openvideoconference.org/proposals 
  to make a submission.

About the Conference

Open Video Conference
October 1-2, 2010
New York City

The Open Video Alliance is proud to present Open Video Conference 2010.

Open video is the idea that the moving image should belong to  
everyone. This vision requires not only free and open video  
technologies, but also that viewers are empowered to go beyond just  
watching—creating, sharing, and engaging in the multimedia public  
sphere they now inhabit.

The Open Video Conference (OVC) is a multi-day summit of thought  
leaders in business, academia, art, and activism to explore the future  
of online video. The first Open Video Conference was host to over 800  
guests, including 150 workshop leaders, panelists and speakers. Over  
8,000 viewers tuned in from home to watch the live broadcast. The  
event earned coverage in WIRED, NewTeeVee, BBC News, Filmmaker  
Magazine, and The New Yorker.

This year, OVC is expanding. In addition to highlighting the  
industry’s progress toward open video, OVC2010 will feature inspiring  
talks, hands-on workshops, technology working groups, film screenings,  
and much more. It’s as much about the underlying technologies as the  
people and projects who use them. Whether you are a developer, a  
storyteller, an entrepreneur, an academic, or just a citizen of the  
web, OVC will spark your imagination for what’s possible with video on  
the web.

Check out the 2009 conference program <http://openvideoalliance.org/2009program.pdf 
 >  to learn more, or visit http://openvideoconference.org.

What types of proposals are you seeking?

We are requesting proposals and ideas for panels, presentations,  
workshops, and other sessions that will address how we can shape  
online video or take part in the public debates around the medium.  
Proposals may be intended for the main conference track, or for more  
focused unconference-style sessions. Proposal topics may be legal,  
technical, or cultural in focus, though we encourage proposals in all  
relevant areas. The more complete and fleshed out a proposal, the more  
likely it will be accepted—but we welcome the submission of all good  

We also welcome suggestions on relevant speakers or projects. OVC is a  
big tent—if you have a person or project to recommend, we want to hear  
from you!  To make a submission, visit http://openvideoconference.org/proposals 
. The deadline to submit a proposal is June 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST  
(GMT -5).

What do you mean by "open video"?

In the narrowest technical sense, open video is the idea that basic  
video technologies must be available in free and open source  
implementations. But more than that, open video is a vision for a  
participatory medium, in which individuals are empowered to wield  
video to share their message as powerfully as they can with text. For  
its potential to be fully realized, online video must be a dynamic  
medium that invites clipping, archival, remix, collage, repurposing,  
and other transformations that are currently inhibited by law or by  
lack of tools.

How does the conference work?

OVC is a bit like a festival. Over two days, we will host a continuous  
main track in the auditorium. These sessions are designed to have the  
widest appeal, and will interest anyone with a stake in online video.  
In addition, workshops and other events will take place on an ongoing  
basis. The conference schedule is a product of this call for  
participation, so we want to hear from you!

Do you provide funding?

The OVA selection committee will award travel grants to the most  
promising sessions, in accordance with need and other factors. Since  
OVC is a non-profit event, we kindly ask that you seek funding from  
your company or institution before accepting a travel grant.

When will you notify me about the status of my submission?

We will be in touch no later than June 21th about the status of all  

About the Open Video Alliance

The Open Video Alliance, founded in 2009, is a coalition of leading  
organizations dedicated to fostering the growth of open  
infrastructure, tools, and standards for the online video medium. OVA  
members include Mozilla, Kaltura, Participatory Culture Foundation,  
and the Yale Law School Information Society Project. To learn about  
membership or conference sponsorship, please get in touch at conference at openvideoalliance.org 


Ben Moskowitz
General coordinator, Open Video Alliance
Contact: (714) 420-6471

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