[Air-L] High school students' use of ICT for communication about schoolwork

Van Cleemput Katrien katrien.vancleemput at ua.ac.be
Mon Nov 8 08:29:04 PST 2010


Dear AIR members, 


A small part of my Phd research will be about high school students'
'spontaneous'* use of ICT to talk to other students about school (e.g.
compare assignments through e-mail, work on group tasks through IM, send
text messages to provide emotional

support etc..). I am however experiencing some difficulties with finding
literature on this specific topic. It seems like quite some research has
been done on teacher-teacher use of ICT and teacher-student use of ICT,
but less on student-student use of



It would be very helpful if someone could suggest some interesting
articles/books to get me started.    


Thank you

Katrien Van Cleemput

University of Antwerp


* Not through 'official' ICT provided by the school (like Blackboard)

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