[Air-L] CALL FOR PAPERS FOR "CTP Review" ISSN 2179-2143‏ (texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese)

Dilton Maynard dilton_maynard at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 12 17:48:02 PST 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR "CADERNOS DO TEMPO PRESENTE" ISSN 2179-2143‏ (texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese) 
The online publication Cadernos do Tempo Presente will release its second number next december. This is a journal with a multidisciplinary perspective, therefore, we are looking for submissions in History, Geography, Literature, Anthropology, Foreign Affairs, Mass Media Studies etc. which are engaged on analyzing the present times all over the world. This way, articles and reviews in English, Spanish will be accept. 
The review will be organized by the members of Grupo de Estudos do Tempo Presente – GET (Present Times Studies Group), an interdisciplinary team of researchers, originally from Federal Sergipe University, in Northeast  of Brazil (UFS/BRAZIL). The GET has been working on issues like cyberculture, neofascism in South America, movies, World War II, neonazism, mass media and sports. 
 SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: 1.The journal will accept texts in continuous flux mode. 2.To be considered for publication, manuscripts should follow the conventions of the latest edition of the ABNT Style Manual. It is presumed that all submissions are original research. Submissions that are being considered by another journal or any other publisher will not be accepted.An article submission should have no fewer than 5.000 words and no more than 10.000 words, including endnotes ,Work Cited (the bibliography should start a new page), the title of your article, your institutional affiliation, e-mail and 3 keywords. Please use Times New Roman font, size 12 point. Submissions of reviews for works published within the 4 past years are accepted. Reviews should be no more than 2.000 words. 
3. Please, address all correspondence to caderno at getempo.org. 
Dilton Cândido Santos Maynard (Coordenator)
Ébano Nunes (Editor-in-chief)
Karla Karine J. Silva (Editor)
Monica Santana (Editor)
Luyse Moraes (Editor)


Dilton Cândido S. Maynard
Universidade Federal de Sergipe - Brasil
Grupo de Estudos do Tempo Presente (CNPq/UFS)


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