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My two cents worth from my experiences as a student at Carleton University
in the first half of the 2000s is that Carleton offers a variety of courses
from most faculties via television and have done this since the 1970's. Of
course, in recent years this has become video on demand meaning you download
the lectures as video. We have only a few online courses. One Geology course
in Oceanography and Computer Ethics are the only two I  know about that are
purely online courses. I took the computer ethics course in 2000.

Philosophy, first year psych, French, linguistics 101, are on your list I
think (except I am substituting French for Spanish because I am in Canada.)
The English courses offered are more along the lines of Shakespeare,
Canadian fiction, the modern novel, the romantic novel, so more literary
than practical writing courses but would  be humanities courses but not a
general intro to humanities course.

Also along the lines of college business we have two accounting courses from
first year on the regular TV schedule.

I took a series of second year legal studies courses all by TV, private law,
criminal law, public law. I also studied intro to legal studies on TV.

In the early 2000's the hip professors and also law courses about the
information age used newsgroups and then later blogs as course writing
participation assignments. These marks wqere generally limited to 5 to 10%
of the mark and IMHO were more ways of making an impression about ones
engagement in the material.

We also have regional nature studies and our first year chem TV course was
one of the first free on iTunes.

You can live anywhere in the world and study the VOD or tapes to you service
from this school.


Peter Timusk in Ottawa Canada

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Dear colleagues,

Instead of doing a wild search, I'm coming here for help as this list has
members around the world.

Is there any educational institution out there who offers the following
general education courses online (Preferably leading to a BS degree)?

   - English Composition
   - Humanities
   - Professional English Writing
   - Speech Arts
   - Introduction to Philosophy
   - General Psychology
   - Management to Organizations
   - Modern Foreign Language
   - Elementary Spanish

Thanks! Please email me off the list.

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