[Air-L] Permission to reproduce webpages?

Dan L. Burk dburk at uci.edu
Fri Sep 3 10:23:28 PDT 2010

No.  In fact, the leading USSC case on fair use, Campbell v. Acuff-Rose,
involved a successful assertion of fair use after a request for permission
to use the copyrighted work (Roy Orbison's song "Oh Pretty Woman") was

Asking is polite.  Asking is less complicated.  Asking is (usually) less
expensive.  And if you don't get permission, you can claim your statutory
exemption later.

The rest of Gil's comment is spot on, however.


> I'm not familiar with the notion that asking for permission might
> eliminate/jeopardize a future fair use claim. Is there legal precedent
> establishing this?
> -mz
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