[Air-L] Permission to reproduce webpages?

Dan L. Burk dburk at uci.edu
Fri Sep 3 10:56:14 PDT 2010

Paul Heald -- one of the best minds working in the copyright field today
-- long ago mapped out a series of claims (or counter-claims) that could
be brought against spurious assertions of copyright:

Paul Heald, Payment Demands for Spurious Copyrights: Four Causes of
Action, 1 J. Intell. Prop. L. 259 (1994).


Unfortunately, asserting such claims is expensive and unpleasant, but the
law is there for anyone with the intestinal fortitude to use it.


> I have already told Brian that I think academia needs to
> literally tactically sue publishers like the AP and force the AP and
> organizations like AP to sign agreements when needing academic IP,
> interviews and more. Academia needs its own pit-bull group to go after
> these
> ravenous publishers. Is it any wonder that print is mortally wounded in
> too
> many places?
> Good luck!

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