[Air-L] Narratives in Games

Peter Zackariasson Peter at Zackariasson.com
Mon Sep 6 07:07:42 PDT 2010

Hey everyone,

We are looking for possibilities to offer a two-day workshop for your
students, and local developers.

I am part of CIN, an organization that offer workshop and consulting to game
developers in creating narrative content (when I am not working in the
academia). We build this work on extensive experience from working with
manuscript in film, TV and interactive media. Although what we offer is not
a workshop on how to write long manuscripts and translate these to gameplay.
What we instead offer is a method that explain how to structure the work in
producing narrative content that have the capability to engage the gamer in
creating her own stories. What we are looking for are universities that have
an interest in offering these workshop to their students, or inviting local
game developers to join the workshop.

If you find this interesting, please contact me for more information. Or
join the workshop at MIGS in Montreal in November.

Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.
Communication and Public relations

Creating Interactive Narratives (CIN)
peter at gamenarrative.eu
+46 707 197171

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