[Air-L] Voice-recorders or mobile phones for face-to-face interviews with young people?

Leurs, K.H.A. (Koen) K.H.A.Leurs at uu.nl
Mon Sep 13 06:01:26 PDT 2010

Dear Aoir-members,
I was wondering if anyone on this list is familiar with using an Iphone
with a voice-recorder application for recording face-to-face interviews.
My intention is to use a mobile phone to record conversations with
urban/ migrant youth about online identity practices. However, being
aware of impression management and the impact of all sorts of props on
the interview process, a traditional recording device might appear
intimidating and/or too formal, and as the quality of recording
opportunities on mobile phones increases, I was hoping to learn about
possible earlier experiences of others on the list taking similar
Kind regards,
Koen Leurs
Wired Up <http://www.uu.nl/wiredup/index.htm> . Digital media as
innovative socialization practises for migrant youth. 
Aio/PhD Student - Research Institute for History and Culture
Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, Netherlands

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