[Air-L] polymedia

Daniel d.miller at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 14 02:12:51 PDT 2010

Some sentences to illustrate the meaning of polymedia as requested.


Previously when a Filipino child told his mother how he has spent the money
she sent him by text it was assumed that this was because text was the
cheapest option. In a situation of polymedia where several cheap options are
available his mother might think it is because he is avoiding the quarrel he
thinks they will end up having if he directly speaks to her by phone.


Previously he could never find a way to say how much he loved her, but with
polymedia he found he could use other communications for everyday stuff, and
that released texting to be used for that little `I love you' to be sent
just before he went to bed.


Or as in Gerson's work:- It wasn't so much that he had dumped her, she had
seen that coming, but to do this by email, which is what he uses for work.
Given that we live with polymedia, couldn't he at least have come onto the
webcam and done it face to face like a man.


There will be whole chapters on this sort of stuff, in the book on polymedia
that Mirca and I are finishing off at the moment

Danny Miller


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