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Dear Everyone:

We are very excited to announce the September 2010 special issue of
Computers and Composition: Copyright, Culture, Creativity, and the
Commons is now available! The special issue was co-edited by Steve
Westbrook, Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, John Logie, and myself, and
features articles/reviews from brilliant and beloved scholars such as
(in order of appearance) James M. Meese, Annette Vee, Tim Laquintano,
Jennifer Lee Sano-Franchini, Jeffrey R. Galin, Joan Latchaw, Dan L.
Burk, Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, Angela M. Haas, and Clancy Ratliff. A
summary of the table of contents is pasted below.

We hope that you all enjoy reading this intriguing, provocative,
ahead-of-its-time special issue, and that you will use these pieces
for teaching and research. Thank you!



James M. Meese, Resistance or Negotiation: An Australian Perspective
on Copyright Law's Cultural Agenda, pp. 167-178

Annette Vee, Carving up the Commons: How Software Patents Are
Impacting Our Digital Composition Environments, pp. 179-192

Tim Laquintano, Manufacturing Scarcity: Online Poker, Digital Writing,
and the Flow of Intellectual Property, pp. 193-201

Jennifer Lee Sano-Franchini, Intellectual Property and the Cultures of
BitTorrent Communities, pp. 202-210

Jeffrey R. Galin, Joan Latchaw, From Incentive to Stewardship: The
Shifting Discourse of Academic Publishing, pp. 211-224

Dan L. Burk, Materiality and Textuality in Digital Rights Management,
pp. 225-234

Book Reviews:
Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder reviews Steve Westbrook, Ed. Composition and
Copyright: Perspective on Teaching, Text-Making, and Fair Use. SUNY
Press, Albany, NY (2009) 225 pp., pp. 235-237

Angela M. Haas reviews Michael F. Brown. Who Owns Native Culture?
Harvard University Press, Cambridge (2003) 315 pp., pp. 238-241

Clancy Ratliff reviews Jessica Reyman. The Rhetoric of Intellectual
Property: Copyright Law and the Regulation of Digital Culture.
Routledge, New York (2010) 188 pp., pp. 242-245


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