[Air-L] recording and transcribing

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 14 08:31:06 PDT 2010

After testing, we strongly preferred Olympus DM voice recorders to iPhone 
even with the external mike. Olympus comes with apps that make it more 
optimal, such as not recording silences (assuming you're an 

You can buy a quite cheap Olympus or spend a bit more money. IF you have 
the money, do it for clarity, apps. If it is your diss or major project, 
this is NOT where I would save money.

I got talked out of using external mikes this time, and feel it was a 
mistake. Mike would have helped clarity.

Clarity is really important for speed of transcription -- the real killer 
-- and for keeping whoever is transcribing (including yourself) happy.

For transcribing, you can buy footpedals or you can install freeware which 
provides short cut keys. (Please don't ask me for brand names because a 
collaborator installed all this.)

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