[Air-L] Virtual worlds as not just a new medium (CarrieLynn D. Reinhard)

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If I understand what you are asking for -- papers positing Virtual Worlds as
extensions of existing mediums and embodied experiences -and critiquing
arguments that attempt to section them off as something "new" -  take a look
at Being in the World (of Warcraft): Raiding, Realism, and Knowledge
Production in a MMORPG by Alex Golub:

You might also be interested in the work of Thomas Malaby and his
ethnography of Linden Labs:
*Making Virtual Worlds: Linden Lab and Second Life*. May 2009, Cornell
University Press.

On a slightly parallel track there's also the work of Jennifer Riskin which
traces the historical roots of simulation, which Malaby for example ties
heavily into his analysis of LL/2ndLife:
Riskin, J. (2003). The Defecating Duck, or, the Ambiguous Origins of
Artificial Life. *Critical Inquiry*, *29*(4), 599-633. doi: 10.1086/377722.

Hope these help,

- Matt
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