[Air-L] A survey regarding computer/video game play

Albert Brady Curlew curlewab at yorku.ca
Mon Sep 20 13:24:13 PDT 2010


Can we get any more information about your research team's goals or aims for
this survey outside of "We are interested in learning how and why you play
games"? Is this part of a larger project? What is the main purpose going to be
for the data collected?

I'm inquiring because, although I believe the order of survey pages is randomly
generated, the first question I received upon opening the survey asked if "I
enjoy looking at sexy characters in games."

This was off-putting, especially given the constraints of only being able to
agree or disagree with such a statement. I'd like to know more about the
purpose of the data before contributing to the project.

Also, later questions ask for self-identification of gender, ethnicity and
annual salary.  It may be wise to disclose early on that you are collecting
information on "who" is playing games (or more accurately, who is answering the
survey questions) along with the "how" and "why".

As someone who researches digital games and the culture that surrounds them, I
wish you all the best in your work, but would like to know a little more about
it before completing the survey, as I'm sure some others here would as well.

all the best,


Albert Brady Curlew, Ph.D Candidate
Joint Graduate Programme in Communication & Culture
York University & Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
Playtilldoomsday.com | A Digital Games, Play & Culture Project

Quoting "Jinghui (Jove) Hou" <joavinhou at gmail.com>:

> Hi Scholars and Friends,
> I'm working with a research team on a survey about video games - which
> include games on a cell phone, computer, console (such as Wii or XBox),
> portable gaming device (such as gameboy or PSP), or online.
> If you ever play such games, would you please consider taking this survey?
>  It will take about 20 minutes.
> Here's the link:
> https://uscannenberg.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_24u3iX6c4U4ebnS
> Thanks so much!
> *At the end of the survey: "*Please write the name of the person who
> referred you to this survey":* Jove*
> Thank you so much!
> --
> Jinghui (Jove) Hou
> Ph.D. Student & Annenberg Fellow
> Annenberg School for Communication
> University of Southern California
> 3502 Watt Way
> Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281, USA
> E-mail: jinghuih at usc.edu  joavinhou at gmail.com
> Mobile: 608-358-2852 (New Cell #!)
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