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 Rutgers University

The Center for Cultural Analysis announces External Fellowships for 2011-12
on Public Knowledge: Institutions, Networks, Collectives

What, today, is public knowledge? What forms have shared, openly accessible
bodies of knowledge taken historically, and what are the prospects for
collective inquiry in the 21st century? For its 25th Anniversary year, the
Center for Cultural Analysis invites projects that investigate the creation
and transmission of knowledge by and for a variety of publics, semi-publics,
and counter-publics. We are particularly interested in institutions such as
universities, museums, and libraries that are explicitly dedicated to the
transmission of knowledge across generations. But we will also take up other
social practices and cultural forms that serve the public good or the public
interest, such as journalism, government reports, learned societies,
watchdog agencies, non-governmental organizations, and free and open source
software projects. Are there problems that can only be addressed through a
collaborative, collective mode of inquiry? How does knowledge become
institutionalized, an
d how do institutions account for themselves? What are the historical
precedents for the informal knowledge networks made possible by new media?
Possible areas of inquiry include but are not limited to the history and
prospects of the university and other learned societies; public knowledge
and social media; the institutional landscape of the public sphere,
including corporations and laboratories; the public domain; intellectual
property and the privatization of public goods; limits to or restrictions on
public knowledge. Proposals are invited from the many disciplines concerned
with this topic.

In 2011-12, CCA will sponsor two external fellowships with awards of
$45,000. CCA also awards non-funded associate fellowships. All fellows will
have access to the Center's resources during the tenure of the fellowship
and will be expected to participate in and to present their work to the
Center seminars, which meet regularly throughout the academic year.
Applications must be postmarked by January 7, 2011.

Applications can be downloaded at http://cca.rutgers.edu
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8 Bishop Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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