[Air-L] Yours top 10 : cyber ethnography books

nobre natalia nobre_natalia at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 21 12:49:34 PDT 2010

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Am a PhD student at Telecom Paristech / CNRS and my
work areas are related to Media/cultural studies, CMC, Social network analysis,
Interactions & technologies. My research is done in the field of socio

At the moment am preparing a course on cyber studies
for an academic sociologist public and I need your insight on that.

Could you recommend me which are your: 

top 10 basic references/books on cyber ethnography.

Well any further information you may think
appropriate, are more than welcome.

Feel free to email me at 

natalia.nobre at telecom-paristech.fr

if you're interested in a longer discussion

Thanks for your help in advance

Natalia NOBRE

Télécom ParisTech (ENST) LTCI-CNRS Dép. Sciences Economiques et Sociales 2229,
Route des Crêtes 06560 Sophia Antipolis 


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