[Air-L] cultural/political studies on Reverse Engineering ?

Antoine Mazieres mazieres at gmx.com
Mon Sep 27 02:22:43 PDT 2010

Dear IRs,

First of all, I'm following this mailing-list with great attention since 
more than a year, and it's the first time i'm posting something, so : 
thanks for existing ! :)

I'm doing some research on cultural aspects and political implications 
of Reverse Engineering, understood as a specific way to interact with 
devices and to learn.

I've started some field studies and already get some good 
bibliographical references about reversing of Skype, DRM, or general 
considerations on regulation and law issues attached to that topic. But, 
until now I didn't find something that do a zoom-out on cultural and 
political contexts of this practice.

Maybe one of you have heard on something ? Or could suggest a trail to 
follow ?

Thank you,

All best,

Antoine Mazières

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