[Air-L] Non-Code-Centric Texts in Introductions To Computer Science?

Stephen J Cavrak Jr Steve.Cavrak at uvm.edu
Mon Sep 27 10:29:43 PDT 2010

Quoting "Pete[r] Landwehr" <plandweh at cs.cmu.edu>:

> Or is this whole idea dumb & everything is totally hunky-dory?

The idea isn't dumb, and things aren't even closely hunky-dory !

I recalled "an" earlier effort by the ACM to produce a standard  
"computer science" curriculum but could not recall when it was. So I  
did the sane thing and asked google about [acm recommendations for  
cs-1] ... I didn't find things similar to what I vaguely recalled but  
did come up with a nice summary of these efforts and some "start time"  
and "end time" data points ...


     Martin Dickey, 2005. Model Curricula for Undergraduate Programs
     in Computer Science and Related Fields

     For a bit of the Bzyantine history of SW Engineering curricular
     efforts, see the CCSE Steering Committee's page and my notes
     from an old version of this web page.


     G. L. Engel, 1977, A Comparison of the ACMIC3S and the IEEE/CSE
     Model Curriculum Subcommittee Recommendations (PDF),

     Matthew Hertz, 2010. What do "CS1" and "CS2" mean?: investigating
     differences in the early courses,


I'd add two sources

(1) Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, http://cpsr.org/

(2) Peter G. Neumann, The Risks Digest, http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/risks

(3) Marvin Minsky, The Society of Mind

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