[Air-L] Graduate programs for "internet studies"?

Devin Gaffney itsme at devingaffney.com
Wed Sep 29 09:52:03 PDT 2010

Hey all,

I just finished an exhilarating undergraduate program that gave me  
enough flexibility in order to study the impact/efficacy of Twitter  
during the Iran Election(http://www.devingaffney.com/-iranelection-quantifying-online-activism 
), but in order to pull it off, I had to really bend some of the  
institutions rules, and just barely got the necessary advisorship in  
order to study it in a reasonable way. I am looking to jump right back  
into school for the following academic year, and am trying to figure  
out which schools have which programs - it seems that the information/ 
websites for all the programs that do exist are well ensconced within  
their respective institutions websites, which tend towards  
labyrinthine. Does anyone have a good list of institutions (US/ 
elsewhere) where a Masters/PhD in fields either directly or otherwise  
closely related to "internet studies" (or "web science," or whatever  
term you use, as this even seems to be up in the air, as far as I can  
tell)? Obviously, there are places like Citizenlab, Berkman, and OII,  
which all seem to at least offer classes in some capacity, but are  
there any others i just haven't found?

Thanks much,

Devin Gaffney

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