[Air-L] Graduate programs for "internet studies"?

Yuri Takhteyev yuri at cs.stanford.edu
Wed Sep 29 20:59:39 PDT 2010

+1 on iSchools.

If you are thinking of a Ph.D., though, you should also think 10 years
ahead: where do you want to _teach_ when you get your degree. Chances
are, you will find that by that point you will be "a sociologist", "an
economist", "an anthropologist", "a computer scientist", "an ischool
person", etc. Which one of those you want to become is a decision that
is not to be taken lightly. So, spend some time _now_ reading job
postings for academic jobs.

- yuri

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Dan Perkel
<dperkel at ischool.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hello Devin,
> You may also want to consider the somewhat nebulous, but interesting, world
> of "Information Schools." (Or: Schools of Information, Schools of
> Information and Library Science, or Informatics Programs....and more!) A
> list of some of these schools--though not all--can be found in the right
> hand column of http://ischools.org/. The kind of work you seem interested in
> doing would be a really good fit for many of those programs either at the
> Master's or PhD level. I would advise looking carefully look through both
> the faculty and students in each (though the websites often don't reflect
> what's actually happening in the program).
> There are also Sociology and Communication programs (I am guessing Polisci
> also) that have experts in areas you are interested in as well.
> Regards,
> Dan

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