[Air-L] Looking at job postings: Any advice?

Tuszynski, Stephanie STuszynski at bethanywv.edu
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Christine -

There are a number of websites where jobs are posted. The biggest are the Chronicle of Higher Education jobs page http://chronicle.com/section/Jobs/61/ And Higher Ed Jobs http://www.higheredjobs.com/  There are a number of others, and many listservs like this one are used to post job listings as well.

>From my own experience being in your shoes, schools are willing to consider someone who is ABD if they are confident of finishing the degree on time and if the candidate seems enthusiastic. I also would suspect teaching experience as a graduate student is hugely important, but my experience at Bethany is unique in that teaching is really the only thing that matters here. I do remember that being able to present teaching evaluations when I was still ABD was a big help.

I would apply for any job that you feel you can do - any communication job where you feel you know the classes the department would likely as you to teach (which you can usually guess by looking at the institution's course catalog and also the published schedules if you can find them - look at what's offered regularly. Newbies often teach the lower level courses the standing faculty are tired of dealing with. ;)

Jobs also come in waves. This point in the year usually the jobs are mostly tenure-track, the planned hiring for next year. In March/April will come another wave, including more visiting and instructor positions that will probably be more within your reach as ABD, where the institution needs a warm body to fill a space for the fall.

Always stress your teaching in your letters, research the institution and the faculty thoroughly before you even write the letter, and be enthusiastic.

Hope that helps

Dr. Stephanie Tuszynski
Assistant Professor of Communication
Bethany College

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Hi everyone,

I have been following everybody's answer to Devin's question about
Graduate programs for "internet studies" and I have found them very
interesting from a PhD student perspective as well. So let me ask you
all the following question: What would be your advice for a PhD
candidate starting to look at job postings for next year? How can I
find a position that fits or should I jump at any opportunity? How can
I distinguish myself? What are universities looking for in general?

Thank you all in advance,



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