[Air-L] Graduate programs for "internet studies"?

Brabham, Daren C dbrabham at email.unc.edu
Wed Sep 29 10:32:08 PDT 2010

The School of Journalism & Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill offers an online M.A. in Technology & Communication: http://matc.jomc.unc.edu/ , as well as an online graduate Certificate in Technology & Communication (part of which can be rolled into the M.A.). The MATC is an online program, but it requires two brief residencies on campus (a two-day session in the summer before the program starts and a week-long session in the summer between the first and second year).

Also, many schools (including my alma mater, the University of Utah) offer considerable flexibility to craft your own path through the degree program. If these schools offer the courses and faculty in the areas you're looking for (as Utah does), you're in good shape to make that program very internet studies-focused.


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