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 Academic Exchange Quarterly<http://www.rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/index.htm>
Fall 2011, Volume 15, Issue 3
Expanded issue up to 400+ pages.
Articles on various topics plus the following special sections.   Addressing
the Challenges of the 21st Century Paradigm for Virtual Colleges
Feature Editors:
Larry Davies, Ed.D. - Senior Instructional Designer
Virtual College, Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida, USA
Email: ldavies at mdc.edu
Marti Anderson, Ph.D. - Education and Teacher Training Consultant
Bangkok, Thailand
Email: marti.r.anderson at gmail.com  *Focus:*
The exponential growth of online curricula is culminating in new
organizational culture models, new instructional design concepts and a new
set of policies for online educational institutions. The new Virtual College
is managed by Virtual administrators and instruction is delivered by Virtual
faculty. Virtual students are mainly non-traditional students in a
demographic that is increasingly female and in an older age group.

Virtual college faculty, guiding courses delivered entirely online, face an
interesting set of unprecedented challenges: they may never meet their
students, they may teach for multiple virtual colleges, and they may never
have face-to-face interactions with the inhabitants of the institutions at
which they teach. These changes have important implications for the nature,
quality and management of online curricular and courses development, and
online instruction. There is an increasing awareness that, indeed, online
learning carries with it far-reaching implications on all aspects of higher

Quantitative and qualitative research and scholarly reflection which
examines these phenomena is invited. Teaching online, part-time online
adjuncts, instructional quality, the management of distance education
programs, organizational structures in distance education organizations,
faculty workload issues, policy issues, and the economic and social impact
of these phenomena are all invited topics.

Other related topics are also accepted.

Articles containing research on academic and administrative policies that
are re-aligned with 21st Century realities in Virtual Education are
especially encouraged and welcome.

* Who May Submit:*
Submissions are welcome from distance education administrators, full time
and part time faculty teaching online, and others involved in the process of
teaching or managing online courses. Please identify your submission with
keyword: VIRTUAL-2

*Deadline for submissions:*
Any time until the end of May 2011. See details for other deadline options
like early, regular, and
Early submission offers an opportunity to be considered for Editors'

*Submission Procedure:*

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