[Air-L] Special Issue of Digital Culture & Education on Digital Games and Second Language Acquisition in Asia

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Dear Colleagues,

Digital Culture & Education has just published an issue that may be of
interest to some list subscribers, I have included a list of the articles
published below.

The issue can be found at www.digitalcultureandeducation.com. All articles
are available through open access.

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*Digital Culture & Education**: Special Issue on Digital games and second
language acquisition in Asia*

-Guest edited by Michael Thomas


Learn English or die: The effects of digital games on interaction and
willingness to communicate in a foreign language

-Hayo Reinders and Sorada Wattana

Learner autonomy development through digital gameplay

-Alice Chik

 Digital gaming and second language development: Japanese learners
interactions in a MMORPG

-Mark Peterson

 Teaching and learning English through digital game projects

-Jonathan deHaan

 *Book Review*

Nicola Whitton’s (2010) Learning with digital games: A practical guide to
engaging students in higher education.
-Darren Elliot* *

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