[Air-L] Beyond ICT4D: New Media Research in Uganda (INC TOD #10)

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Beyond ICT4D: New Media Research in Uganda is a collection of  
ethnographic reports from diverse perspectives of those living at the  
other end of the African ICT pyramid. Crucially, these texts refocus  
on the so-called “ICT4D” debate away from the standard western lens,  
which depicts users in the developing world as passive receivers of  
Western technological development, towards Ugandans whose use and  
production of technologies entail innovations from the ground up. It  
is this ‘other’ everyday point of view that is too often missing in  
the ICT4D debate: valuable voices that put technologies, projects and  
organizations into their proper context.

Conducted in 2009 by a group of five Masters in New Media (humanities)  
students from the University of Amsterdam under the supervision of  
Geert Lovink the research examines both the role and implementation of  
ICTs in Uganda, covering a wide range of subcultures and projects,  
including internet cafe usage, print media, NGOs and communities,  
software subcultures and civic new media. The book argues that now is  
the time to look beyond the technology layer and instead focus on the  
social implications and local consequences of digital media’s  
widespread use. By recognizing the impact that ICTs have on society  
and identifying what functions currently and what needs to be  
improved, we can more effectively understand and develop these  
technologies in the future.

Initiated and introduced by Dutch-Australian media theorist and  
internet critic Geert Lovink this Theory of Demand publication was  
produced at the Institute of Network Cultures (HvA).

Authors: Ali Balunywa, Guido van Diepen, Wouter Dijkstra, Kai  
Henriquez and Ben White.

Colophon: Authors: Ali Balunywa, Guido van Diepen, Wouter Dijkstra,  
Kai Henriquez and Ben White. Editor: Geert Lovink Copy editing: Cindy  
Jeffers, Lily Antflick and Morgan Currie. Design: Katja van Stiphout.  
DTP: Margreet Riphagen. Printer: ‘Print on Demand’.

Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2011. ISBN:  

This publication is also available through various print on demand  

Download the free pdf here: http://www.networkcultures.org/_uploads/tod/TOD%2310_ICT4D.pdf

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