[Air-L] IR12 help with Paticipation Panel version 2

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 20 18:48:09 PST 2011

Hello are there any senior scholars who would like to help put together
another participation and community/politics/art online panel? I would like
to write about exclusion and the digital divide and DIY punk rock art as
well there was early interest in elections participation online when I first
suggested a political participation panel.


There are two of us interested in this panel 2 submission right now and I
would need a more senior scholar to help the process along. Although I
sometimes write on the Internet at work at Statistics Canada it is not my
main duties at work and I am not working in a school nor do I have a Ph.D.


I think we would want more than one participation panel and more performance
arts than just online games eh? I for one would love to play music live for
example and bring my guitar  and I am trying to get the Net into lyrics.



Peter Timusk B.Math statistics. BA legal studies

Legal studies of the Information Age

Vice President Computers for Communites

School work blog http://notebook.webpagex.org

Some papers www.webpagex.org


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