[Air-L] Dissertation on linguistic and pragmatic aspects of corporate blogs (open access PDF)

Cornelius Puschmann cornelius.puschmann at uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Feb 21 02:50:37 PST 2011

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Dear all,

allow me to briefly point those of you studying internet communication from
the perspective of linguistics/rhetorics/genre studies (as well as anyone
else who might be interested) to my dissertation on corporate blogging,
published last year with Göttingen University Press:

Puschmann, C. (2010). *The corporate blog as an emerging genre of
computer-mediated communication: features, constraints, discourse situation.
* (S. Hagenhoff, D. Hogrefe, E. Mittler, M. Schumann, G. Spindler, & V.
Wittke, eds.) Göttinger Schriften zur Internetforschung (Vol. 7). Göttingen:
Universitätsverlag Göttingen.

Digital technology is increasingly impacting how we keep informed, how we
communicate professionally and privately, and how we initiate and maintain
relationships with others. The function and meaning of new forms of
computer-mediated communication (CMC) is not always clear to users on the
onset and must be negotiated by communities, institutions and individuals
alike. This thesis examines the linguistic and rhetorical properties of the
weblog, another relatively young genre of CMC, to determine its function in
private and professional (business) communication. It approaches the
question of what functions blogs realize for authors and readers and argues
that corporate blogs, which, like blogs by private individuals, are a highly
diverse in terms of their form, function and intended audience, essentially
mimic key characteristics of private blogs in order to appear open,
non-persuasive and personal, all essential qualities for companies that wish
to make a positive impression on their constituents.

Download free PDF/order:

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