[Air-L] Internet Taxation: Call for Papers (deadline 31 May 2011)

David Sutcliffe david.sutcliffe at oii.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 21 05:34:16 PST 2011

Hello all,

Policy and Internet is calling for papers for a forthcoming special issue on Internet taxation (paper deadline: 31 May 2011).

See: http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/news/?id=453

The seamless transmission of digitally malleable products across jurisdictions, with the potential for bypassing of governmental controls, leads to many unique problems in Internet taxation. The issue will synthesize the extant research in the area and include recent research developments. The goal is to improve the understanding of the issues involved for both researchers and policy makers, to provide policy recommendations, and to suggest avenues for further research in the area.

Papers should be based on empirical research and analysis and help to further theoretical and/or methodological development. In all cases, authors should consider the policy implications of the research presented.

Please contact the editors (policyandinternet at oii.ox.ac.uk) if you have any queries about how your paper might fit in the issue.

Policy and Internet:

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David [Sutcliffe, Managing Ed.]

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