[Air-L] Call for Teaching Ideas - Social Media & Revolution

Anthony Nadler amnadler at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 12:23:29 PST 2011

Julie Wilson and I created the website www.teachingmedia.org  to help
college-level, media studies faculty and instructors share teaching ideas
and resources such as recommended readings, media clips, assignments, and
syllabi.   We're trying to create an online commons for media studies

In addition to housing an ongoing database of teaching ideas, we're
periodically posting calls for ideas about specific topics.

Our first topic: In the wake of recent revolutions and popular protests in
Moldova, Iran, Tunisia, and Egypt, there has been a lot of speculation about
the relationship between these social uprisings, authoritarian states, and
social media applications such Facebook and Twitter. How might you examine
this relationship in an undergraduate media studies class? Have you come
across any texts, articles, or podcasts you’d recommend assigning? Any ideas
for special assignments or exercises?

Please visit www.teachingmedia.org to join this discussion or contribute
other teaching ideas to this collective resource.

Tony Nadler
PhD Candidate, Communication Studies
University of Minnesota

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