[Air-L] Egypt: The First Internet Revolt?

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 1 13:19:27 PDT 2011


Xiaolin Zhuo, me, Justine Yu have just published the abovenamed article in 
the July 2011 Peace Magazine.


It discusses the many ways in which ICTs did -- and did not -- facilitate 
the Jan-Feb 2011 Egyptian revolt. It argues that Facebook etc provided a 
sense of modernity, and shows some of the external connections that the 
activists had years before the revolt. It also does a Tilly-esque 
discussion of internal networks -- this was NOT a spontaneous gathering of 
1M Egyptians in Tahrir Square.

And we carefully call it a Revolt, and not a Revolution (too premature to 
say that) or the newspaper-hype "Arab Spring" (premature in 
circumstances and calendar in January-Feb 2011??)

The colour pix in the magazine are great (thank you Zeynep Tufekci and 
Karim Marold). Alas, Peace Magazine's own website doesn't show them -- 
text only.

But if you ask nicely, we'll send you a full pdf, complete with pix.
Email first author Jo-Lynn Zhuo <zhuo.jolin at gmail.com>, 
(It's her and Justine's first publication, btw.)

PS: This 4.5 pager developed out of a discussion in the forthcoming 
Rainie-Wellman Networked book (Jan 2012)

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