[Air-L] Call for Papers, Public Journals

Engineer engineer_to at yahoo.ca
Fri Jul 8 13:04:25 PDT 2011

PublicJournals.org is a series of peer-reviewed, open access, monthly journals, 
dedicated to promoting research among the international community. Submissions 
undergo  rapid peer-review and publication, providing free download-able 
research information to all, regardless of legal, financial, and national 

Indexed in Google scholar
Journal of Arts and Education
Journal of Physical Sciences
Journal of Electrical Engineering
Public Journal of Biology
Public Journal of Computer Science
Public Journal of Medicine
Public Journal of Environmental Science
Public Journal of Business Studies
Public Journal of Engineering
Public Journal of Social Science 
Authors are asked to submit their research findings to 
editor.publicjournals at gmail.com.  The deadline for submissions for the next 
issue is  July 15, 2011. We try to complete the peer-review process in less than 
one week, and publish online immediately. To join as a reviewer, please send us 
an email with your professional details.  

PublicJournals.org - Open access, rapid peer review journals in Engineering, 
Medicine, Arts, Science, Business, etc. Send research findings to 
editor.publicjournals at gmail.com

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