[Air-L] question: published on the internet

Ulf-Dietrich Reips u.reips at ikerbasque.org
Fri Jul 8 14:20:05 PDT 2011

so, in the widest sense. very well. imho answers to your questions 
need to take into account that there are degrees of 'public' and 
'private' (and 'published' and even 'internet'). public to one person 
using one type of service in one bit of the internet will not be 
public to many others etc. same for the other terms, even internet, 
ask my connected fridge whose content may be private and unpublished

At 22:10 Uhr +0100 8.7.2011, jeremy hunsinger wrote:
>by the internet i mean anything attached to the network of networks 
>with a locatable  address, etc.  so i meant, content on the 

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